Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Perseverance and Staying The Course

I read this today in Mac Andersen's email newsletter, and I thought it was a great message in today's challenging economic environment. Remember there is business being done, and money being made each day.

I hope you enjoy it.

Live with Passion,
Jesus Balderas

Staying the Course
By BJ Gallagher

Our journey of life is about progress,
not perfection.
It's not about doing one thing
100% better -
it's a matter of doing 100 things,
1% better each day.
Progress is evolutionary
not revolutionary,
and most days we measure our progress
in inches,
not miles.
What matters most
is showing up for your life
whether you feel like it
or not.
Ask yourself,
"What two or three little things
can I do today
that would move me forward?"
You'll be amazed
at how much distance
you can cover
by taking it in increments.
The little things add up;
the inches turn to miles;
and we string together our efforts
like so many pearls.
Before long,
look what you have -
a whole strand!
Ah... beautiful.