Thursday, October 4, 2012

My confessions that led to a massive breakthrough - Pt 2

A couple of weeks ago I shared some recent events that happened in my life that led me to the greatest breakthrough I have experienced.  What happened, and what did I do?

I realized that I had given my personal power and "WHY" to a relationship that was destroying me and my life.  The hardest part of this fact was accepting that I made that choice, I wasn't a victim, I was a willing participant.  If I was going to make changes and regain control of my life, I had to make some serious changes.  The good news is that you can regain your power as quickly as you can give it away!

So what steps did I take:

  • Identify "WHY!"
This sounds like rhetoric, but it was essential for me to make changes.  I had to decide why I wanted to change, and it had to be more compelling than the status quo.  I have watched so many people just accept life as it came to them as if they had no control.  And, when we choose to live like this, we don't have control.  And, in essence we really don't have control because we have given it away.  Luckily, we can reclaim this power if we create a compelling why to base our decisions on.

  • Identify all the NEGATIVES in your life.
This is the hardest step of all because some of these negative influences we like, are comforted by, and in some instances addicted to.  In this step, I took a hard look at every relationship in my life, every habit, every excuse, and how I did everything.  This was a brutally painful step for me because I had committed to complete HONESTY with myself. (BTW - This is the number one negative in many people's lives if they aren't getting what they want - LYING TO YOURSELF!!)  Most people stop here because of the pain, but I promise you it is worth fighting through the pain.  Here are some other examples:

    • Laziness
    • No purpose or goals
    • Television (The average American watches more than a month of TV every year!!  Get rid of your TV, start a part time business, and work only a quarter of that time previously spent in front of the television...Would that make a difference?)
    • Food
    • Excuses
    • Your own lies
    • Facebook
    • Texting
    • Your phone
    • Alcohol
    • People who encourage you to stay where you are or support your BS!
    • And, so on...
  • Eliminate these NEGATIVES and REPLACE them with new positive habits.
This sounds easier than it really is.  This is where intention meets truth.  Are you committed to the changes you claim?  And, this is where you discover if your WHY is compelling or just platitudes.  I made drastic changes in my life, and it was very hard.  I ended relationships that had been a part of my life for years.  I completely changed my eating habits.  I had gone from a cheat meal (actually a regular meal) being a couple of glasses of wine, half a pizza, and a big bowl of Blue Bell Ice Cream to a cup of Kashi Go Lean Crunch with Chobani Mango Greek Yogurt and a cup of tea from Teavana.  Did it feel better, HELL YES, but I did miss the grease of the pizza and the sugar of the ice cream while my mind was made numb from the wine!  Would I go back, not in a million years.  Am I tempted, SOMETIMES!  I eliminated the television from my life as well.  Me and the boys still watch a good movie, but it is not the focus of our days anymore.  There are a number of other changes made, but I know that I couldn't have made these without having a COMPELLING WHY!

  • Create your Top 6 Goals for the next twelve weeks and twelve months.
This is an important step.  Create goals that you can measure quickly and see results in the near future.  Life long goals are great, but when you are making a massive shift in life, you need to see results quickly to know that you are doing the right thing!  I have a complete goal setting program that you can use to transform your life in the next 90 days.  Email me if you want more details about this program.

  • Create a trusted group of people and mentors.
You are not superman or wonder woman so create an accountability and mentoring group that will hold you to the standards you want to live.  This is a critical step to long term success.  Can you do it without this, yes, but it is hard.

These steps guided me to the biggest transformation in my life.  For me, I hit a spot in my life where I was on auto-pilot, going through the motions and accepting.  Luckily, Christina jolted me out of this mode, and then I took these steps to make my transformation.  I hope they can help you make the changes you want in your life, and for those of you already on your path may it serve as a reminder to what you are already doing.

I CHALLENGE YOU to make the next 90 Days the best 90 days of 2012!  I would be honored to personally mentor you in your transformation!  You can achieve a lot in 90 days especially when you begin to string several 90 days together.

To your success,

Jesus Balderas
"The Coach"

P.S. Message me if you would like to discover how I will mentor you through these steps over the next 90 days. Only the committed need to reply.

P.P.S. This is a critical point to note, even when you make all these changes, you will still have challenges and difficulties. The difference is that you are equipped to breakthrough them now!

Five top tips to starting a successful business - by Richard Branson

Here is an amazing post from Richard Branson on starting your own business.  If you already own a business, don't dismiss this article as it applies to opening a new income stream or division.  Enjoy!

1. Listen more than you talk

We have two ears and one mouth, using them in proportion is not a bad idea! To be a good leader you have to be a great listener. Brilliant ideas can spring from the most unlikely places, so you should always keep your ears open for some shrewd advice. This can mean following online comments as closely as board meeting notes, or asking the frontline staff for their opinions as often as the CEOs. Get out there, listen to people, draw people out and learn from them.
2. Keep it simple
You have to do something radically different to stand out in business. But nobody ever said different has to be complex. There are thousands of simple business solutions to problems out there, just waiting to be solved by the next big thing in business. Maintain a focus upon innovation, but don’t try to reinvent the wheel. A simple change for the better is far more effective than five complicated changes for the worse.
3. Take pride in your work
Last week I enjoyed my favorite night of the year, the Virgin Stars of the Year Awards, where we celebrated some of those people who have gone the extra mile for us around the Virgin world. With so many different companies, nationalities and personalities represented under one roof, it was interesting to see what qualities they all have in common. One was pride in their work, and in the company they represent. Remember your staff are your biggest brand advocates, and focusing on helping them take pride will shine through in how they treat your customers.
4. Have fun, success will follow
If you aren’t having fun, you are doing it wrong. If you feel like getting up in the morning to work on your business is a chore, then it's time to try something else. If you are having a good time, there is a far greater chance a positive, innovative atmosphere will be nurtured and your business will flourish. A smile and a joke can go a long way, so be quick to see the lighter side of life.
5. Rip it up and start again
If you are an entrepreneur and your first venture isn’t a success, welcome to the club! Every successful businessperson has experienced a few failures along the way – the important thing is how you learn from them. Don’t allow yourself to get disheartened by a setback or two, instead dust yourself off and work out what went wrong. Then you can find the positives, analyse where you can improve, rip it up and start again.