Saturday, April 26, 2008

Learning from Alex, my 2 year old son

Alex is my 2 year old son who teaches me great business principles every day especially when it comes to selling so I thought I would share my latest lesson.

Have you ever met a young child who didn't assume that he would always get what he wants. This is Alex to a tee. He will decide what he wants, and then he will get it or ask for it.
As an example, last night we were celebrating Brandon's birthday, and Alex wanted to blow the candles out with him. Brandon wasn't too keen on the idea, and neither was Jane or me. What is a two year old to do when everyone is against him. Well he did what he always does - He said, "I want to blow the candles out, YES." He said this to me, Jane and Brandon until we agreed that he could stand behind Brandon and blow out the candles with him. And, you know what he does that 10 - 20 times a day. He refuses the accept no until he has been told 8 - 10 times. Wow, imagine if your sales people did that.

Did you do that when you met the person of your dreams, or did you accept the first no. Of course not, you persisted until they saw how incredible you were or you simply broke them down.

Alex, not only asked for the sale, but he gave us the answer he wanted -"YES." We really had no choice in his mind. What a great lesson.

In sales, too often a salesperson enters the meeting which has incredible potential accepting the first objection or no as being the final answer. It is said that we will receive 4-5 objections or no's before a yes. So, how many times have you gotten to the 6th no? Follow Alex's example and persevere through the no's so you can get more yeses and make more money.

Committed to your success,
Jesus, The Coach