Friday, September 30, 2011

The words we choose can determine our success...

Today, I want to share a powerful concept that I was studying last week. Often times the thing that holds us back the most is ourselves. We are often our greatest obstacle to success. It is so important to constantly be developing oneself as a person. Read and listen to the personal growth coaches, and that will directly impact your business. In the book, Cash in a Flash, by Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen they discuss the power of the words we speak to ourselves and out load. Do you use positive or negative words and language? The words you choose can enable or disable you. They can energize or weaken you. They can take you to great heights or keep you in dark valleys.

They shared an exercise that I have found to be very powerful. I remember we did this exercise with my soccer team when they were 11 years old. Every time one of the kids made a mistake and started to get upset at themselves another player or one of the coaches would say CANCEL. It was amazing the impact it made over the season. This exercise is very similar. I want you to really listen to what you are saying to yourself and how you are speaking. Every time you hear yourself thinking or speaking a negative thought say SWITCH. 

And, then replace it with a positive thought. I am not saying that bad things don't happen, but I am saying that there is positive and good things in almost everything.

Let me give you some examples of positive and negative words:


As you say the words, how do they make you feel?
Finally, let me give you an example of the SWITCH exercise in practice.

a problema challenge
a job that I hatea job that I don't love
he is a real jerkhe is not a nice person
I have so much credit card debtI had too much fun using my credit cards
Now, it's time to pay the piperNow I have to learn to be more financially savvy.
I'm stuck in a dead end jobI'm in a place where I don't have the freedom I'd like to have.

These are just a few examples of changing your language. This can have a real impact on your outlook, your business and your relationships. Do the exercise for one week, and I'd love to hear your experiences.

Committed to increasing your profits,