Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two Keys To Having The Life You Deserve

There are many keys to success in life, but I have found two which embody all keys. The first is that each of us must learn to love oneself. We have all heard the following - "Don't blow your own trumpet...Don't pat yourself on the back...and so on."

Humility is very important, but what is humility? to me humility is to confidently acknowledge one's being. We also must recognize that we are very special and blessed with unique talents. We have the power to think and create. This is an amazing gift. We are God's greatest creation so if we cannot love oneself then what can we love. Also, if one doesn't love oneself, then why should someone else. And, when you love yourself, you will then know how to love someone else completely and without conditions. So. pat yourself on the back. Remind yourself that you are very special.

The second key is to know your purpose. Without this, then one would live their entire life on accident. Because if you do not know which path you want to follow, then how is one ever going to get on it.

One's life purpose needs four things:

1. Passion - Our purpose in life should be one which drives us from bed in the morning with joy and happiness. One which will give us joy to face each and every day. You will know you are in your Passion when you are juiced going to be and you hop out of bed.

2. What you want to give - In life we must always give before we can receive. It is said if you want great wealth, then you must help enough others gain wealth (this applies to everything).

3. What you want to receive - You need to know what you want. If you are only giving then you are a martyr. So, what do you want: happiness, wealth, freedom, good health, love, strong family, etc.

4. Massive action - It won't happen by itself, we need to do it. It all starts with a thought, but it doesn't happen by a thought alone. We need to act and do whatever is necessary to achieve and live our purpose.

This area of achievement and success is something I have studied for twenty years, and it is amazing how the little things can make such a difference. Also the one thing I have learned is that the science of success is something that one will study for a life time. It is essential to always read or listen to books on this subject because you will learn something every time you do.

BBI has a great course on Goal Achievement and Time Management called Life Management Systems, and I encourage you to get it. For more details go here.

Until next time,
Jesus Balderas

Monday, March 29, 2010

Entitlement vs Discipline

This subject is something that I find keeps coming up in different forums constantly. Yesterday, I heard a great sermon from my pastor on what God thinks about hard work and discipline. As a business coach, I work with businesses of all kinds and have done so for almost 17 years now. Over the years, I have noticed that so many employees have an attitude of entitlement. I have seen people believe it is their right to have a smoke break, check personal emails, read the paper, take extra time at lunch, etc. You know the drill especially if you own a business. I see it in children as well, and this is scary.

It is almost an attitude of - what are you going to do for me, and then I will let you know what I will do for you.

This is the complete opposite attitude of success. In life and business, we are given the charge to give it our all. Be disciplined, work hard, and make your own LUCK (Labor Under Correct Knowledge). We can find it in the principle of Give and You will Receive.

I find a key in life is to give it your all in every situation. Don't hold back until you see what the other party is going to do. Often times, I find when you do give it your all, the other party joins in and gives it their all. How cool is that? The alternative is that both parties hold back a little just to see.

So, my final thoughts to success is this.

1. Lose the attitude of entitlement if you have it. And, if you don't, keep it that way.
2. Research every opportunity that comes your way, but once you know it is a good deal jump in with both feet and keep giving it your all.
3. Be disciplined every day.
4. Re-focus on your goals as often as you need to so that your actions keep pace and on target for your goals.
5. Embrace and love hard work because it is good for you.
6. Truly enjoy the success that comes to you.

Each and every job that comes your way deserves your all that includes your work, your hobbies, your marriage, your children and so on. I think you get the point.

I know this post is a little raw, but it hit a nerve so I just typed and posted.

If you would like to receive more information on goal setting and time management, I would encourage you to check out our Life Management Systems.

Until next time.