Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Matthew Balderas versus Michael Phelps

I know with all the Olympic buzz, and the success the USA is having at these Games that you may think I have lost my proud parent mind.  Yes, I am extremely proud of Matthew and his swimming.  He has become a little fish this year that requires at least 3 daily trips to the pool, and every trip requires some racing with me or his older brothers.  And, let me tell you, Matthew can swim, but there is a difference between being good at something and becoming great at it.

Will Matthew break all of Michael Phelps records in 14 years - I don't know, but probably not?  Could he break all his records, possibly?

The point is this, every day I see talented people with great business ideas that do not cultivate their skills to become a champion.  A champion puts hours of training, studying, and work into honing their skills.  Yes, they have a natural talent, but often times they often work much harder than anyone else to get the most out of that talent.  

To me, this is the difference - they identify their talent, and then they work hard to get everything out of it!

Right now, Matthew just loves swimming, and whether he comes first or second in a race he has won the race in his mind!  Will he become a champion swimmer, only if he puts in the work.  But for now, Matthew is my swimming champion!!

Here are keys to becoming a Champion:

1. A Champion realizes there is a price to pay.
2. A Champion is ready and willing to make the sacrifice that is necessary.
3. A Champion has the skill to focus in the moment. 
4. A Champion accepts nothing less than excellence. 
5. A Champion realizes it’s not what happens but how you react to it that counts.
6. A Champion is intent on self-improvement and creates inner pressure to achieve the desired result. 
7. A Champion always has a game plan and thinks and works on their plan.