Friday, March 30, 2012

Get Rid of Time Killers

Time Killer #1:  Most employees are in a re-active rather than a proactive mode.

Studies show only 20% of time is spent on the important activities.  80% is spent on things that get very low or NO results.  If we reverse these we can immediately get a 4 times increase in productivity.  That’s right, a 400% increase!!

Time Killer #2:  Re-reading the same information again and again without taking action.

Average business person spends 6 weeks a year re-reading the same information without taking action. This adds up to three and a half years in your career spent on something that has little or NO effect on your results.

Time Killer #3:  The “Open Door” policy.

This “Have you got a minute?” mode is the worst way to run a practice.  If anyone can interrupt anyone else anytime they want to, then the entire practice runs in a re-active mode.

Time Killer #4:  Not prioritizing your “TO DO” list.

Studies show that people who make “to do” lists will most often do the least important (or easiest) things first. The important things often get moved until they become urgent and then get done in a mad rush.

Time Killer #5:  No daily planning.

Most people only schedule appointments - not tasks or projects.  This makes it hard to focus on the important (but not yet urgent) things.

Timer Killer #6:  No system for dealing with documents and projects. 

This often leads to a messy desk and/or drawers and files.

Timer Killer #7:  No discipline for useless information. 

Most people keep and file away information only to toss it out 6 months later.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Questions - Are the key to a successful life

I love this picture and quote.  It really does say it all.  Have you ever found yourself stuck, and you keep trying the same thing over and over again and it doesn't quite work.  That has happened to me often in my personal life and business.  Sometimes, it is important to stop, and ask yourself a new set of questions and use your imagination.  Don't get stuck thinking that life is like the ABC's because in life sometimes Z actually comes before A to get you to the next step.  I find that when I don't allow myself time to stop and breath, I do not tap into my imagination/creative self.  So take time every day to be still and think about your biggest opportunities and greatest challenges.  And, when you are doing this, keep asking yourself questions that can provide you with the solutions.  My greatest successes have come when I do this.  The solutions come more quickly.

Keys to asking quality questions:
1. Be solution focused rather than focus on the problem.
2. Consult your Mastermind Group with your Opportunity or Problem.
3. Research this issue.
4. And, ask yourself if by doing this, is it going to bring you closer to your goals or not. (If not, you may consider not doing it.)

To your success,
Jesus Balderas "The Coach"