Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Business Lessons from Josh's Junior High Orchestra

We have had a crazy two weeks here at BBI. We launched the NET-ed Networking group two weeks ago. We had 31 business owners join us on the first week. Pat and I have spoken to 7 groups of business owners in the Metroplex so we have been busy.

We also have a ton of great opportunities on the horizon. We are particularly excited about our High Performance Coaching Program starting on the 20th of May. Check this out because you don’t want to miss it.

I wanted to share a lesson I learned from Josh, my 13 year old son. We have been really blessed in school because our school district is a part of the orchestra Suzuki program. He started playing the cello in 4th Grade the first year the program was available. It has been really neat because we have been a part of the growth and development of this program. When he was in 6th grade, they started an Honors Orchestra which he as a part of, and they actually traveled to San Antonio to play for a convention of teachers, about 1500. Now, he is in 8th grade, and we just had the privilege to watch and listen to their Spring Concert. They were amazing. Next year will actually be the first time our school district has orchestra in High School.

As I was thinking about the Orchestra, it hit me that I was watching the maturation of a program, and it wasn’t any different than a business. When it started 4 years ago, we knew the program was good, but it was very raw. The kids learned quickly, but as a group they were missing things. A lot of the times, it was simply not enough different instruments. Even last year, the orchestra didn’t sound complete because we lacked violas and enough cellos. Only a year later, the orchestra sounded rich and full of sound because more instruments came.

How does this relate to business? A lot of really important lessons come from it. First, all instruments are needed for the music to sound right. Every year, everyone wants to play the violin, but it still needs violas, cellos, and basses. Josh has had to carry this humongous cello for years now, but without the cellos the orchestra is incomplete. So, in your company determine all the instruments (roles) that you need, and go fill them. Not everyone can be the boss, or the salesperson, or the creator, or the assistant; but all the roles are needed to create a strong and vibrant company.

Second lesson is that it takes time to build a successful company. These children in the orchestra were good at the beginning, but it took 4 years to create a complete orchestra. Your company will take time to become strong and vibrant as well.

Third lesson is that you must have a good system and process to build your company. At BBI, we teach you our 8 Step Marketing System. If you follow it, you will experience amazing growth in your company as others before you have. This is the system we will teach you in our new High Performance Coaching program. But, you also need to develop operation systems, sales systems, and fulfillment systems. Model a good system, and over time you will create an amazing company.

I thought I would share that with you as it has amazed me the progress Josh and the other kids have made. Way to go Josh.

Committed to increasing your profits,

Jesus Balderas

The Coach